Influence of Personality on Perception of Psychological Contract Breach

Hassan Jafri


The present research aimed to investigate the influence of personality (Five-Factor Model) on Psychological Contract Breach. Using random sampling procedure, data were collected from 90 faculties of colleges of Royal University of Bhutan. Personality scales by John, Naumann, and Soto (2008) and Robinson and Morrison’s (2000) Psychological Contract Breach scale were used in this study. Correlation and regression analysis were carried out to analyze the obtained data. Results revealed that Extraversion and Neuroticism dimensions of the personality model have been found to be positively associated with the perception of breach. Employees who are by nature Agreeable and Conscientiousness are less likely to perceive breach in their psychological contract. Organization should look into the personality aspect while recruiting employees. If employees are hired with certain personality traits, they may focus on their performance and organizational growth.


Psychological Contract Breach; Five-Factor Model of Personality; Extraversion; Conscientiousness; Agreeableness; Openness; Neuroticism

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