Working With Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Training and Support for Staff Practitioners

Irina Roncaglia


Background: Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) often need very specialized and individualized care provision in order to address some of the challenges and vulnerabilities they experience (Berkell-Zaker, 1999). Specialized and highly trained staff practitioners should not only be knowledgeable about autism in general and its related areas of impairments (Wing & Gould, 1979), but they should be adequately equipped to deal with often challenging situations that can easily lead to emotional and physical exhaustion. Key Points: This paper proposes a conceptual framework to positively support staff practitioners who work with clients on the ASDs, highlighting the following key areas: Knowledge and Applied Understanding of ASD, Ecological Awareness, Positive Behaviour Support, Low-Arousal Approaches, Role of Role-Plays, Role of Debriefing and Emotional Regulation. Through discussion of the conceptual framework suggestions are made to promote best practice in the positive management of training and support for staff practitioners working with individuals with ASDs.


Language: English


training; autism; challenging behaviour; positive behaviour support; debriefing

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