Book Review of Natasha Angelov's Monograph “Psychology of Family Relationships”

Ivan Krastev


The book review of the monograph “Psychology of family relationships” by Natasha Angelova, Ph.D., presents the summarized results from her investigation, as well as the main theoretical frameworks are mentioned that she based on when building up the research design. The monograph “Psychology of family relationships” presents a dynamic approach towards the family that summarizes the historical prospective in development of family group, the concrete individual experiences of family members, as well as their adaptation to the requirements of the family as a social group. Natasha Angelova conducted four independent studies with 1680 participants in total from 2011 to 2017. Research design comprises seven factors (feeling lonely, affiliation motivation, coping strategies, locus of control, optimism and negative expectancies, time orientation, coping in conflict situations).


monograph; psychology; family relationships

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