Periodization of Creative Self-Realization

Mariya Encheva Mutafova


People are sensitive in communication and they undergo relationship problems. They are influenced by others’ evaluation striving for adequate personal self-realization. A periodization of personal creative self-realization is presented, based on psychosexual developmental stages and psychosocial developmental stages for achievement of personal growth and life goals. The proposed periodization of creative self-realization comprises nine stages - Pre-natal stage (from conception to birth); Stage of creative longing (from new-born to 1 year and 7 months); Creative verbal stage (from 1 year and 7 months to 2 years and 7 months); Stage of creative and innovative attitudes (from 2 years and 7 months to 6 years); Stage of creative and innovative self-determination (from 6 years to 11 years); Stage of choice of creative self-realization (from 11 years to 19 years); Inspired creative self-realization stage (from 19 years to 24 years); Stage of conscious intentional creative self-realization (from 24 years to 33 years); and Stage of satisfying creative self-realization (after 33 years).


creativity; periodization; self-realization

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