Contribution to the History of Psychology in Bulgaria (From the Liberation to 1912)

Mariana Nyagolova


In the history of the Bulgarian science, the period from the liberation from the Ottoman rule to 1912 is remarkable for its serious boom, for a full expression of the freedom of the science in its national and personal aspect. In these times was laid the beginning of the scientific psychology in the country. The main schools and trends that have formed the Bulgarian psychological thought are presented here: the Leipzig School of W. Wundt, the Jena Pedagogical School, the Geneva School of E. Claparede. The discussion on the subject of psychology in the medical circles is also stated as well as the question of teaching psychology in the secondary and higher schools. An overview of the first textbooks on psychology of Bulgarian authors is given. The historical and psychological analysis focuses on the complete works of the most famous authors who worked during the studied period.


Language: Bulgarian


history of Bulgarian psychology; Leipzig psychological school; Jena pedagogical school; Geneva psychological school

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