Bulgarian Students’ Impulsivity Differentiated by Gender, Age, and Some Scientific Areas

Stanislava Stoyanova, Vaitsa Giannouli


Impulsivity is opposed to reflexivity as a cognitive style. This study investigated the frequency distribution of impulsivity in Bulgarian students, as well as some socio-demographic (gender, age, and some scientific areas – social sciences and humanities, as well as sport) differences in impulsivity. Impulsivity opposed to Reflexivity was assessed by means of a sub-scale of the computerized test method Attitude towards Work from Vienna Test System among 141 Bulgarian students. The results revealed slightly more frequent impulsivity than reflexivity in Bulgarian students, but not any gender, age or scientific areas main effects on impulsivity/reflexivity, only their interaction effect, such that younger male students in sport were more impulsive than older male students in sport. A minor trend was found reflexivity to increase with longer sports practice. These findings may indicate the quality of taken decisions in youth.


age; gender; impulsivity; reflexivity; students

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5964/psyct.v11i2.250

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