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Lamanauskas, Vincentas (2017). Reflections on education. Šiauliai, Lithuania: Scientia Socialis Press. 245 pp. ISBN 978-609-95513-3-3.

Book Review: „Reflections on Education“

Stanislava Stoyanova*a


The title of this book means the purpose of this book – to encourage the process of reflection on education. At the same time, this book consists of its author’s reflections on the educational process that are inspired by many articles in different journals. The readers can enrich their own viewpoints of education with the long-term educational experience and creative wisdom reflected in this book.

Keywords: education, reflection, training

Psychological Thought, 2018, Vol. 11(1), doi:10.5964/psyct.v11i1.260

Published (VoR): 2018-04-27.

*Corresponding author at: South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, 66, Ivan Mihailov Street, 2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. E-mail:

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This book consists of a series of articles organized in several chapters that summarize Prof. Vincentas Lamanauskas’ experience in education. They represent an interdisciplinary approach to education, reflecting pedagogical, psychological, political, technical, counselling, philosophical, organizational, cultural, and economic points of view.

The modern ICT technologies have become an inherent part of the contemporary education assuring quality of educational process and facilitating learning. Prof. Lamanauskas deals with ICT implementation not only in general, but also in vocational education, social networking for co-operation, administration and management that expands the perspectives of ICT application for educational purposes.

An important focus of this book is on quality of education sought in the appropriate teachers' preparation, the successful results of the participants in the educational process, and achievement of social and institutional goals related to transmission of social experience. Quality of education is among the important goals of educational policies that strive to assure also respect for human dignity and positive healthy development in the diverse societies. The educational policies try to be relevant to the institutional goals, human values, objectives of economy, teacher’s roles, creativity, and innovations.

Different paradigms and tendencies of modern education in a variety of countries are discussed and compared from educational and philosophical points of view – for example Constructivism and Humanistic approach. The reasons for some common beliefs related to education are considered in relation to social opinions of usefulness and integrity of some educational practices. The role of extracurricular activities in education has been pointed out for encouragement of ecological and social goal attainment. The role of education for science making has been discussed. Educational process prepares the future scientists and cultivates the respect for science, realizing its valuable importance for human life.

The author aims to provoke further discussions, reflections and inspirations related to education. This book summarizes different articles published in a lot of scientific journals and in such a way this book continues the scientific dialogue for education raised from different scientific communities adding to it its author’s long-term educational experience.

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Prof. Stanislava Stoyanova, PhD, has long-term teaching experience and research practice. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Psychological Thought.

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