For the Pseudoacceptance or Theoretical Bases of one Undescribed Defense Mechanism

Svetoslav Borisov Karabelyov


Many researchers emphasize that what we know about the defense mechanisms is actually a result of collected clinical data. For some defense mechanisms like the classical projection, there is not any empirical data proving their existence. There are numerous psychological schools, each with its own view of the nature, of the types, of the characteristics and of the effects of the defense mechanisms. There is not a single theory of defense mechanisms. This paper lays the theoretical bases of the pseudoacceptance as one undescribed defense mechanism, so the broadening of the intrapsychic defense system is the main purpose of this theoretical analysis. The nature and the characteristics of the pseudoacceptance are presented, as well as the mechanism of its deployment, its differentiation and relations with other defense mechanisms. An example of the pseudoacceptance is also presented and analyzed.


Language: Bulgarian


pseudoacceptance; defense mechanisms

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