Bulgarian Adaptation of the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory for Adults (Form С)

Stanislava Stoyanova, Eva Papazova, Magdalena Garvanova


An adaptation for Bulgarian conditions of the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory for Adults (Form C) was performed. 900 participants were studied. Some of them were university students from different majors in the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies – ULSIT, while others were recruited through an online questionnaire. The items had good psychometric characteristics and the test was highly reliable. The construct validity of the scale was checked by means of correlations with some instruments measuring values and life satisfaction. Three factors were extracted that deserved being interpreted (Personal self-esteem, Self-esteem derived from others, Self-esteem derived from parents). This questionnaire was normed on the Bulgarian sample of adults.


Bulgarian adaptation; self-esteem; factor analysis; construct validity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5964/psyct.v12i1.318

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