Psychometric Properties in Bulgarian Adaptation of Lie Scale From M. Bond’s Defense Styles Questionnaire

Stanislava Stoyanova, Silviya Savova, Nikolay Ivantchev


This paper presents the results from the Bulgarian adaptation of Lie Scale from M. Bond’s questionnaire measuring defense styles and defense mechanisms. 994 subjects between 15 and 56 years participated in the study. All items had an optimal difficulty, and good discriminative power. The factor structure of the scale was confirmed. Its reliability as internal consistency and test-retest reliability is acceptable. The norms were defined for the whole sample, not differentiated by social categories, because there were not any significant differences on the scale score between the social categories of people. There were some significant differences on some items in gender, age sub-groups, family status, and occupation. These differences were consistent with some other authors’ findings when using some other scales measuring social desirability.


Language: Bulgarian


social desirability; need for approval; defense tendency

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