Relationship Between Personality Types Conceptualized by C. G. Jung and Emotional Intelligence

Natasha Virmozelova, Mariana Dimitrova


The main aim of this study is to present the results from a study of the relationship between personality types described by C. G. Jung and emotional intelligence. The investigated subjects were 150 at the age of 18 – 50. The methods of research were MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) - Bulgarian adaptation (Rusinova, 1992) and one psychological questionnaire measuring emotional intelligence -Bulgarian adaptation (Stoyanova, 2008). The received data indicated that the functions of thinking and sensing, and introversion correlated inversely with the factors of emotional intelligence “Sharing emotions and empathy”, “Motivation to overcome difficulties and optimisms” and extroversion correlated proportionally with them. The function feeling correlated proportionally with the factor “Sharing emotions and empathy” and it correlated inversely with the factor “Recognition of nonverbal expression of emotion of the other people”.

Language: Bulgarian


personality types; C. G. Jung; emotional intelligence

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